Speaking Engagements & Upcoming Conferences

With 25 years of industry experience, Whelan is a highly regarded and sought after professional speaker at industry events on a wide range of topics from M&A and capital raising for housing companies, to innovation and emerging technologies in U.S. construction, and board service as a Next Generation NYSE Board Director. To inquire about her availability, please visit the Contact Us page.

Upcoming Speaking engagements include:

PCBC 2019 Land & Capital Forum - Financial Innovation and Disruption

Recent Speaking engagements include:

John Burns 2019 The Summit - Cost Reduction Through Technology

Housing Leadership 2019 Summit - Deep Dive Money Business

6th Annual Real Estate Private Equity Forum on Land & Homebuilding (East) - M&A Opportunities in Housing

John Burns 2019 Design Summit - Technology and Innovation: Disruptors in the Home Building Industry

Urban Land Institute Spring 2019 - Observations on Innovation