Advisory Services

Whelan Advisory provides strategic and financial advice to public and private housing related companies globally, with an emphasis on identifying and achieving the lowest cost of capital available. CEO Margaret Whelan offers a unique perspective on the complexities of debt and equity offerings and M&A transactions, and unbiased direction on strategic opportunities. Learn more about Margaret's broad and rich experience. 

The opportunity to access long term capital through an initial debt or equity offering has always been attractive, especially for companies that are growing quickly. At the same time, the process is time consuming, expensive and often daunting, especially for executives who are unfamiliar with how the capital markets work. As Wall Street veterans, we offer a bridge to the extended investment community. We serve as educator, coach and translator, offering a highly customized and bespoke approach.

The path to a sustainably higher share price and valuation is ongoing and consistent messaging, delivering on previously provided earnings guidance to build credibility, and supporting the sell-side analysts as they get more confident with the company’s value proposition. We provide input on developing the best IR professional, either recruiting an external candidate or training and developing an existing employee to prepare for the role.

While an initial offering of debt or equity may be on the horizon for a client, it can happen that the company is not yet at the right point of its business plan or cycle to achieve the best terms on an institutional capital raise. In this event, we explore multiple tracks with our clients, and provide truly agnostic and unbiased counsel to guide them to the best next step to pursue.

Beyond the responsibilities we assume that are directly related to a capital raise or strategic positioning mandate, we also use our experience, acumen and professional network to guide our clients on board strategy and optimization. We position our clients to avoid the potential for unwelcome attention by focusing on establishing a strong board initially, employing a robust evaluation and education process, and committing to regular refreshment.

Our Goals

  • Understand, improve and best position the company’s value proposition by applying independent, objective and seasoned expertise

  • Enable our client’s stakeholders to realistically determine the best next strategic or financial milestone to target

  • Advise on timing to prepare the company for the next step without losing focus on protecting and growing the value of the business

  • Establish transparency and clarity while navigating the M&A, capital raising or IPO process

  • Access the highest valuation and lowest cost of capital available

  • Deliver the highest possible return on all fees paid through time and cost efficiency

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