Women In The Boardroom: My Views From The Boardroom

Margaret’s keys to success:

  1. Develop relevant skills and attributes that do more than show you are qualified for a board position, but that really set you apart as an exceptional candidate.
  2. Strong relationships, built on trust, expertise, and shared experience, in your professional career will continue to serve you well in your career as a corporate board director.
  3. Be patient and persistent in your journey to the boardroom, and be prepared to invest the requisite time, energy and budget in marketing yourself for that role.

My Perspective on Board Education

I was fortunate to attend the Equilar Board Leadership Forum, an event co-hosted with Nasdaq at the MarketSite in New York City. The Forum featured eight fast-paced presentations and panels focused on creating progressive boards.

The main theme was around better leadership and oversight, in particular in the wake of more shareholder engagement and activism. Over 100 directors attended, some were professional directors on five-plus U.S. and international boards, and the group even included a retired CEO who has served on more than 20 boards. Also in attendance were C-suite professionals who work on behalf of their boards, and in some cases also serve as independent directors on other boards. I found it refreshing to see so many general counsels in the room, which was likely a function of the pervasive theme around risk management overall.

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