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Nice coverage for our client Smith Douglas Homes this week

The Big Bet
“Smith Douglas Homes is a fast-growth, profitable company and they’re taking a proven, scalable and well-defined business model with a focus on cost and capital efficiency to target high-growth markets including Raleigh, Charlotte, and Nashville,” says Margaret Whelan, principal at Whelan Advisory, LLC, an advisor to Smith Douglas. “Leveraging established relationships to access attractive land, industry expertise to reduce risk and a seasoned management team to achieve profitable growth. It’s an unusual story, and one investors should look at.”

Whelan's "advice" boils down to a three-stage process for a builder like Smith Douglas: preparation, presentation, and pricing. What makes the narrative and the validation make sense to the types of institutional investment decision-makers is a business whose business plan, market opportunity, and track record add up to what comes across in an attention-deficit environment as a "unique" opportunity. Smith Douglas fits that bill


Margaret Whelan