Lincoln International & LEK Conference Panel: Growth Priorities and Challenges for Building Products Companies

I appreciated to opportunity to speak on a panel at Lincoln International and L.E.K.'s annual Building & Infrastructure Conference again this year. The conference was well attended and the tone was upbeat as the industry recovery is well underway.

Robert Rourke, Managing Director at L.E.K. was the moderator, and our panel focused on Growth Priorities and Challenges.

Key takeaways included:

  • Those who invested wisely in the downturn are being rewarded
  • Crucial to know your company's value chain
    • Understand your unique position with customers, end users and distributors
    • Identify and capitalize on the drivers
  • Customer feedback can direct you to new adjacent markets; markets must be developer as part of a broader organizational strategy
  • Profit expansion is expected across many sectors as additional volume provides operating leverage, and suppliers experience improving pricing power