About Whelan Advisory

Whelan Advisory LLC is a full service financial advisory firm providing strategic and financial counsel to public and private firms globally.

Its leadership team has significant experience and background in the homebuilding and real estate industry serving in analyst, investment banking, director and public/private company executive positions. As such, the Company offers unique perspective and capabilities on the complexities of capital raising and M&A transactions, as well as unbiased direction on pursuing strategic opportunities.


We are a boutique investment banking and financial advisory firm focused on small to middle market companies in the homebuilding and residential real estate industries.

Our business model is unique – we keep a low overhead and focus on quality of clients vs. quantity; every engagement benefits from active and detailed participation from senior advisors.

Our senior management team has an average of over 20 years experience in the homebuilding and real estate industry in various capacities from banking to public company executive

While we have executed and been a part of numerous deals and transactions throughout our careers representing billions in transaction value, our experience and perspective sets us apart from our competition in assisting small and middle market companies.

Get To Know Us

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Boutique investment banking & financial advisory firm, fully registered and licensed with the SEC


Representing small to middle market land, homebuilding & building products companies


Highly tailored, bespoke approach with dedicated, seasoned team who average 20+ years experience


Leverage knowledge gained executing deals and transactions representing $20+ billion


Passionate about the opportunities for innovation across the U.S. housing industry


Industry Experience

Our skills are transferable across sectors and our industry experience includes working with public and private companies of all sizes across a number of industries:

home building
Single Family Rental
Build To Rent

Innovation in Construction
Residential Furniture
Retail and Home Shopping

Our Process

Through a methodical process we identify each client’s value proposition, lead the preparation for the most appropriate next strategic or financial milestone, orchestrate the necessary transaction or capital raise, provide step by step guidance through execution and pricing, and offer ongoing investor relations support as needed. We also share relevant and current expertise on board strategy and optimization.

Our advice is based on deep industry expertise, technical market knowledge, objective perspective, thorough attention to detail and dedicated manpower to deliver top results for our clients.

As one pre-IPO client stated, ‘Whelan cut through all the hype and confusion to allow us to really understand our choices and make the best decisions.’

Our Goals

Our business model is unique – we keep a low overhead and focus on quality of clients vs. quantity; every engagement benefits from active and detailed participation from senior advisors. We always seek to:

  1. Understand, improve and best position the company’s value proposition by applying independent, objective and seasoned expertise;

  2. Enable our client’s stakeholders to realistically determine the best next strategic or financial milestone to target;

  3. Advise on timing to prepare the company for the next step without losing focus on protecting and growing the value of the business;

  4. Establish transparency and clarity while navigating the M&A, capital raising or IPO process;

  5. Access the highest valuation and lowest cost of capital available; and

  6. Deliver the highest possible return on all fees paid through time and cost efficiency.