Company Overview

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Boutique investment banking & financial advisory firm, fully registered and licensed with the SEC


Representing small to middle market land, homebuilding & building products companies


Highly tailored, bespoke approach with dedicated, seasoned team who average 20+ years experience


Leverage knowledge gained executing deals and transactions representing $20+ billion


Passionate about the opportunities for innovation across the U.S. housing industry


Our Efficient ‘Three Step’ Process

Navigating a simplified and efficient three step process, the transactions we lead are well received by our vast network of investors and buyer contacts, both domestic and global, and including strategic and sponsor relationships. Our goal is to create a competitive process and secure several offers from qualified and informed partners:

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Investment positioning

  • Review the business model and competitive position to understand your goals and ensure we present your company in the best possible light

  • Analyze corporate strategy relative to peak capital needs over the next 3 - 5 years

  • Analyze the historical financials which should be reviewed or audited by a recognized CPA firm

  • Build out 5 years of annual financial projections, include 2 years of quarterly projections

  • Partner with your management to create a high-impact presentation with a crisp value proposition, to be shared with potential investor and buyer partners who have signed a non-disclosure agreement

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Deal PreparatioN

  • Set up virtual data room

  • Formulate marketing timeline and strategy

  • Identify target investors, facilitate introductions and follow up discussions

  • Solicit and collect feedback, move quickly to maintain confidentiality and limit business disruption

  • Orchestrate company visits and due diligence

  • Determine the optimal deal structure relative to offers being made

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Pricing and Execution

  • Identify potential partners offering attractive terms and with the best chemistry/fit

  • Solicit letters of interest and term sheets from these interested parties

  • Negotiate key deal points and enter into a definitive contract

  • Facilitate more intensive due diligence

  • Work with experienced legal advisors on preparation of definitive agreements

  • Prepare for transaction closing


Our Goals


Understand, improve and best position the company’s value proposition by applying independent, objective and seasoned expertise


Enable our client’s stakeholders to realistically determine the best next strategic or financial milestone to target


Advise on timing to prepare the company for the next step without losing focus on protecting and growing the value of the business


Establish transparency and clarity while navigating the M&A, capital raising or IPO process


Access the highest valuation and lowest cost of capital available


Deliver the highest possible return on all fees paid through time and cost efficiency
As one client stated, “Whelan cut through all the hype and confusion to allow us to really understand our choices and make the best decisions.”