Client Testimonials - Broad Skills, Representative Roles

Over the last three years the company has received strong references from the five clients it has advised, including:

  1. As an equity advisor - guiding a top 3, publicly listed home shopping network that needed to reposition its value proposition under new leadership, replace its finance team, protect its meaningful deferred tax asset, and refresh its board of directors
  2. As an equity advisor - guiding a family owned, real estate private equity firm with AUM of $5 billion to prepare for a pre-IPO company level investment, by helping the CEO to realize the company was not yet ready for an IPO
  3. As an M&A advisor - working for a private company/financial sponsor team bidding on a publicly traded REIT with an enterprise value of $2 billion
  4. As an equity advisor – guiding a large institutional investor to understand the company and industry dynamics of the housing industry before making a sizable investment in a homebuilding stock with a market cap of $6 billion
  5. As a debt advisor – guiding one of the fastest growing, privately-owned homebuilders to prepare for its inaugural debt offering